To the Editor of the Ohio State Newspaper, The Lantern


by Cowgirl Devoted to Krishna

Dear Editor:

My compliments to the people who asked tactless questions and jeered during the CNN town hall at Ohio State yesterday.

Few opportunities to stand up to "the authorities" (as they see themselves)--and to be seen to stand up to them--arise for "ordinary" people (as they see us, the governed). When they do arise, few seize them, particularly among the bubblehead press corps lightweights, who are happy to confine their investigations to xeroxing White House press releases and to "limit their questions" to whatever topics Executive Privilege dictates today.

But when a few individuals are seen to oppose authority, sometimes they hearten the timid and the credulous to "look at each other with a wild surmise": Maybe Saddam Hussein's about par for a fifth-rate tyrant, no better, no worse. Maybe Americans have more to fear from their own government than from his. Maybe I won't agree to bomb those poor slobs in Iraq anymore. Clinton won't like it, but maybe he could just get a job at Revlon and declare war on Maybelline instead. Hey, maybe I'll just say no to the government this time.

Thanks, guys.


Cowgirl Devoted to Krishna