What Is the Meaning of Life?

The Radical Libertarian

I don't know.

Let's consider that phrase, “the meaning of life." It boils down to the “purpose of life" or “the reason for living." When we examine every action of every person, we find the reason behind that action is selfish. How could it be otherwise when the action originated within the person? His action may satisfy his physical hunger or some altruistic impulse; but that action always has the ultimate aim of increasing the actor's happiness, of making his internal landscape more pleasing to him.

Since every act of every person has a selfish reason, it follows that the meaning of a person's life is selfishness. But we don't like this answer. We say that it isn't an answer at all. We wanted a transcendent meaning, something that explains the universe to us.

Let me pose another question. Why does a person want to find a meaning to life? The answer must agree with what we know about all human actions. The person must have a selfish motive. The person who can not find some purpose in life greater than himself feels unimportant. He feels small. When he discovers=invents some meaning to life and identifies with it, he becomes big and important. The search for the meaning of life is the search for self-aggrandizement. Meanwhile, the simple egoist must admit to the world that his actions originate in petty selfishness.

A man finds the meaning of life and declares “Thus sayth the Lord." He has no more knowledge of the Lord than I do. He takes the Lord's name in vain. He pretends that his actions are in tune with some great cosmic plan. He goes on crusades, starts wars, and conducts inquisitions. He tries to organize the human population into a great machine to achieve the universal purpose.

If you are interested in truth, forget about the meaning of life. It's not your business; it's God's business. You are fated by your nature to perform only selfish acts. It can not be otherwise. If it makes you feel better to believe that your life has a purpose, then by all means, believe it. But such a belief is only self-aggrandizement. Don't let your “meaning" stand in the way of your only proper business, “selfishness."