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Remarks on the Stoics


The Fugitive



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Jury Duty September 3, 2016

Tweets (2014–2015) July 9, 2015

Tweets (March 2012–March 2014) March 28, 2014

Free Will August 15, 2010

Down by the River Side July 15, 2010

Spite November 15, 2009

A Dear Teacher May 3, 2009

Black and White Sunrise February 3 2009

Hecuba April 22, 2008

The Trailer Park May 1, 2007 Time for the president to move?

Ethics? Janury 6, 2007 Arguments against the existence of objective eithics

The Anniversary of September 11, 2001 September 18, 2006 With comments by Taylor Conant (

Gay Marriage: July 6, 2004 A look at the Constitution.

The Fugitive: January 17, 2002 What are you running from?

Incorporated: April 10, 2001 Questions about corporations.

Abortion and Science: January 14, 2001 Do you know who I am?

Why Are We Here?: September 4, 2000 I've already explained the meaning of life. I might as well answer another easy one.

Political Truth: February 11, 2000 The government gives us super truth.

Five Reasons Why I Won't Vote: January 7, 1999 Pick one if you need it.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: December 23, 1998 Peace for Iraq?

The Sexual Revolution: Some Guesses: May 3, 1998 Reactionary ranting but am I right?

Did Slavery Build America?: April 2, 1998 Also, an apology.

Cigarette Tax Part II: March 5, 1998 Intellectual honesty.

Cigarette Tax Part I: March 3, 1998 Taxing other people.

What the Hell Is a Dialectic? February 20, 1998 The debate over Iraq.

Comments on Town Hall Meeting about Iraq: February 19, 1998 Letter byCowgirl Devoted to Krishna.

Political essays

Growing Orchids on the Moon: Is the air too clean?

Definitions: Take a look if you're not a libertarian. They aren't very technical.

In Praise of Slavery: The pro-slavery writings of Fitzhugh are primarily anti-free market writings.

Itopia: In which I take the "you" out of utopia and substitute the more correct "I."

Biarchy: If you like government, two governments ought to be better than one.

How Many Lighthouses Is Enough? Econ 101 revisited (with an attitude).

The Lost Amendment: Why not a voucher system for police protection?

All Things Are Nothing to Me:Max Stirner'sPreface to The Ego and His Own

Bizarre essays

The First Paradox: A handsomely illustrated essay that presents a problem with the idea that there is nothing in the universe but matter and energy.

Spooks, Spocks, and Hillary Clinton: Max Stirner and the existence of selfishness.

What Is the Meaning of Life? Save yourself tens of thousands of dollars and years of searching.

Alien Asylum: Against philosophy. "'What is truth?' said jesting Pilate and would not stay for an answer."

When Does A equal not-A? Follows Alien Asylum. Who am I?

Hearing Voices: Whose voice do I hear in my head?

The Baby Killers: Morality: What is it?

Success: Sometimes I feel like a failure.

The Family and Libertarianism: Pat Hartman'sFamily Values: Yours, Mine, or Whose?And my The Sexual Revolution: Some Guesses

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