Two Letters


The first letter is to David Brock.  The second letter deals with the assertion that Clintons actions (if they happened) are not all that terrible.

David Brock:

Why is Saddam Hussein like Little Miss Muffet?

His Kurds got in the way. You stated Friday that you don’t think you owe Paula Jones an apology. You suggest that Jones owes Clinton the apology. Apparently she got in the way.

Let me make my own position clear. Let’s assume that Clinton and Lewinsky used their private moments for Bible study and prayer meetings. I still regard Clinton’s efforts to obtain government and private sector employment for the young lady as corrupt. There is a vast military-economic-governmental complex in this country. More and more, people are succeeding in our economy by political means rather than by achievements. If this way of doing business continues, we will eventually have an economy like that of the old Soviet Union. The Republican Party is so involved in this system that there is no major voice against it. Clinton’s fundamental corruption goes unnoticed because it is so common.

Paula Jones and Bill Clinton agree on at least one thing: You mischaracterized their relationship. If you owe anyone an apology, you owe it to me for your sloppy journalism on that point.

Don’t worry. I forgive you that. I always wondered why no one ever pursued the many leads that accusations against Clinton raised. You pursued them. You were one of the few reporters who did more than stand by the doors of politicians waiting for xeroxed handouts.

If you are interested in anything more than self-absorbed ego examinations, here are some topics you might look into: Why was the anthracite coal industry ceded to the Lipo Group? How did FBI files get into the White House? Why did Clinton flip flop on the Red Chinese after attacking Bush for being too soft on them? What is Janet Reno’s feeling about the current scandal?

If you cared to, you might even investigate Republican misconduct and corruption. That would at least be honest jounalism. I’m sure that Livingstone could provide you with some leads.

You’re too young to be so tired. I’m dissapointed in you. I hope that the horse you jumped on in midstream drowns and leaves you flopping around. It could happen.

Letter 2

I was driving my daughter Poppy home from Ohio State yesterday and I ask her if anyone talks to her about Clinton’s scandals. She said that all people talked to her about was beer and parties but that she had heard a little about them on the news. She hadn’t heard the details of Jones's "alleged" encounter with him. When I told her about Clinton’s exposing himself, she was completely horrified and said they should just impeach him now.

I’ve been a Clinton hater since Carville called Jones “trailer trash,” and even I have been so desensitized by the television coverage that I accepted a sex crime as a “pass.” When Poppy heard about the first time, I saw it through her eyes and understood what the real charge was. (By the way, how did Clinton do in the trailer park vote in 96?)

Poppy works at the OSU Library. Last month some creep exposed himself on the 7th floor there. The police came after a friend of hers wrestled him into the office. She was not directly involved in the incident, but she was very agitated because it could have been her who was the exposee. That guy will have a sex offender record and would be forced to REGISTER where he lives in certain states.

Clinton is accused of having a state trooper fetch a woman to his room and exposing himself to her as the trooper stood guard outside. This is obviously a far more serious sex crime than that of the poor slob at the OSU Library. But the very soccer moms who demand laws requiring sex offenders to register their residences call this more vicious sex crime the president’s private business. They even talk of “invasion of privacy.”


Here’s the short answer: Government is the God of the Twentieth Century and political parties are its religions. Even if the Pope were a cannibalistic pederast, he would still be the Pope. No Catholic would believe in some Ayatollah, however saintly. For more on this idea, see my essay “White House Apocalyspe: What’s the Difference Between Clinton and Koresh?”

Allen Thornton